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Remarks to the copyright

On my internetsites texts and pictures are published, that have not originated through my mentally fertile power. If known to me, I state the owner of the respective copyright or the possessor of the usufructs. In this case I try to obtain an authorization for the publication. If someone have justifiable objections against the publication of a text or a picture on one of my internetsites, please send me a message, so that I can remove the corresponding object.

I am aware of violating of the copyright is NOT a peccadillo and "ignorance does not protect from penalty". If I have violated copyrights or usufructs, I ask for kindhearted leniency.

All of my internetsites are purely private. There are absolutely no commercial purposes intended with the publication of my internetsites.

All pictures and texts on which I claim my copyrights may only be used with my expressly authorisation.

If you set a LINK to one of my internetsites please send me a short note.




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Please report all broken LINKS, thank you.

This is a private homepage with absolutely no commercial intentions.
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