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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details
Name Juergen Kurt Heyn
Address 73 Sven-Hedin-Strasse
Wilhelmshaven, 26389 Germany
Telephon / Fax No. +49 4421 87136
E-Mail / Internet juergen.heyn@gmx.de  / www.heliheyn.de
Date an place of birth March, 14th  1958 Berlin, Germany
Nationality German
Marital Status Married; unfortunately no children
Licence Airline Transport Pilot Licence Nr.: 3312009915
issued in accordance with JAR-FCL German version
issued in accordance with ICAO standards
Rating Instrument Flight Rules
Type Rating SK76 / 76B / 76C / 76C+
Total Flight Time on helicopters 5846:04
  UH-1D S-76
Pilot in Command: 1631:35 1222:06
Copilot: 143:05 2756:25
Supervision:   93:33
Simulator: 154:00 150:00
Stand: 31. September 2007
Medical Certificate Medical Certificate Ref.Nr.: 21847-4
issued in accordance with JAR-FCL 3 German version
Limitations VNL (reading glasses)
1988 - present Helicopter pilot at WIKING Helikopter Service GmbH on Sikorsky S-76 helicopters
since 1998 in position as Captain (Pilot in Command)
since 1996 Offshore Seapilot Transfer, Wilhelmshaven
1995 - 1996 Ambulance Flights, detachment, Hannover
1992 - 1995 Ambulance Flights, detachment, Berlin
1989 - 1992 Executive Flights, detachment, Baden-Baden
1988 Initial Training and Type Rating on Sikorsky S-76 helicopters at Flight Safety International, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
every 2 years Refresher Training on Sikorsky S-76 helicopters at Flight Safety International, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Beside the flight duties I developed and programmed a computer program to support flight operations, flight planning and statistics.
1978 - 1988 Noncommissioned officer in the German Air Force, Final Rank: Chief Master Sergeant
1981 - 1988 Military helicopter pilot at 2nd Sqr/Helicopter Transport Wing 64, Ahlhorn
In secondary duties I was responsible for updating navigational maps, flight information publications and NOTAM.
I optimized a VFR search procedure over sea to increase the possibility of finding a survivor.
1987 Rating for Technical Testflights on Bell UH-1D, Ahlhorn
1985 Advanced Tactical Offshore Training, Borkum
1984 Advanced Tactical Flight Training, Ahlhorn
1981 Basic Sea Survival training, including open sea training, Nordholz
Basic Helicopter Flight Training, US Army Aviation Center, Fort Rucker, Alabama, USA (EURO/NATO Course)
„US Qualification Course for Aircrew Member“, Air Force Officers School, Fuerstenfeldbruck
Course on flight physiology, Air Force Medical Center of Flight Medicine, Fuerstenfeldbruck
1980 Aptitude Test for Aircrew Member (Screening), Fighter Bomber Wing 49, Fuerstenfeldbruck
Special language course, "English for Flight Crew Members", Air Force Officers School, Fuerstenfeldbruck
1979 - 1980 English Language Course Level 1, Airman Candidate Regiment, Appen
1978 - 1979 Aircraft mechanic course (F-4 Phantom II), Air Force Technical School, Kaufbeuren
1978 Military Basic Training, Budel, Netherlands
For exceptional merits I received the Armed Forces Decoration in bronze in 1984
Education and Training
1976 - 1978 Fachhochschule (technical college), Aachen
Studies in Aerospace Technologies and Aircraft Engineering
1977 Practical training at Motoren Werke Mannheim in piston engine engineering, Mannheim
1974 - 1976 Fachhochschulreife (GCE Advanced Level) in electrical engineering
Metallgewerbliche Berufsfachschule (technical vocational school), Duesseldorf
Practical training in communication technologies at Telekom, Duesseldorf
1970 - 1974 Mittlere Reife (GCSE) Realschule (secondary school), Mettmann
1967 - 1970 Städtisches Gymnasium (secondary school), Duesseldorf
Ernst-Moritz-Arndt Gymnasium (secondary school), Bonn
1965 - 1967 Paul-Gerhardt-Grundschule (elementary school), Bonn
1964 - 1965 Pestalozzi Volksschule (elementary school), Koblenz
Additional skills
Languages German: native speaker
English: fluent, written and spoken
Computer skills Proficiency in common software application (especially database software).
Experienced in programming and developing software applications.
Interests Photography
Travel to experience nature, people and culture. 


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