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The mathematician
Professor Walter Buchholz

The geographer
Professor Dr. Dr. Edgar Lehmann

The cartographer
Ing. Kart. Max Hann

The meteorologist
Professor Dr. Heinz Fortak

The biologist
Professor Dr. Walter Zimmermann

The oceanographer
Professor Dr. Gunther Krause

The physicist
Professor Dr. Pascual Jordan

The economist
Professor Dr. Wilhelm Hankel

The intenational jurist
Professor Dr. Norman Paech

The historian
Professor Dr. Fritz Fischer

The expert in didactics
Professor Adolf Witte

The pedagogue
Professor Dr. Hermann Venedey

The peace-researcher
Professor Wolf Graf von Baudissin

The socially-psychologist
Professor Dr. Ernest Borneman

The theologian
Dr. Hans W. Florin
Professor Dr. Karl Rahner S. J.

The geologist
Professor Dr. Siegfried Rösch

The philosopher
Professor Dr. Bruno von Freytag-Löringhoff

The media-researcher
Professor Dr. Henry R. Cassirer

The publicist
Professor Dr. Harry Pross

The economic-geographer
Professor Dr. Albert Kolb


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